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Authors: Ron Thompson, Roberta Sherman
Price: $49.95
These foremost authorities on eating disorders and athletes have authored a new, definitive text on this topic.

Editors: Claes Norring, Bob Palmer
Price: $52.95
This professional book covers all eating disorders that do not fall into either of the two main diagnostic groups.

Authors: Justine J. Reel, Katherine A. Beals
Price: $45.00
This book explores diverse populations who suffer with eating disorders. Studies that provide a wider representation of gender, social class, race/ethnicity, religion and other social categories are offered, and case illustrations are presented.

Editors: Randy A. Sansone, M.D., John L. Levitt
Price: $39.95
This unique book for professionals enhances the assessment and treatment of individuals suffering from personality disorders and eating disorders.

Author: Carolyn Piver Dukarm, M.D.
Price: $16.95 $8.47
Pieces of the Puzzle is the first book to focus on the overlap between Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and eating disorders.

Authors: John L. Levitt, Ph.D., Randy A. Sansone, M.D., Leigh Cohn, M.A.T.
Price: $39.95
Explores the prevalent but largely uncharted relationship between self-injury behaviors and eating disorders symptoms.

Authors: Mark F. Schwartz, Sc.D., Leigh Cohn, M.A.T.
Price: $42.95
The complex relationship between sexual abuse and eating disorders is explored in chapters on: prevalence, prevention, clinical perspectives, and treatment.

Authors: Daniel Le Grange, James Lock
Price: $35.00
The authors draw on their proven approach to treating anorexia in the family context and adapt it to the needs of this related clinical population.

Authors: James Lock, Daniel Le Grange   Withs: Stewart Agras, Christopher Dare
Price: $29.00
Specifically addressed to clinicians treating adolescents with anorexia nervosa.

Category: Professional Books-Special Clinical Populations
You are on page 1 showing results 1 to 9 out of 9 Total Results.
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