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Authors: Eric Stice, Katherine Presnell
Price: $35.00
A superb tool for anyone leading body image groups with young or adult women, this new facilitator guide provides more than enough material for 4 sessions...

Price: $29.99
Designed to be used with participant manual and CD-ROM, this guide includes complete agendas, discussion tools, forms, templates for art projects and other assignments, and a CD with music, powerpoint slides and more...

Price: $16.99
Includes summaries of each weekly topic and worksheets to be filled in by the group member...

Author: Martha Homme, M.A., L.P.
Price: $15.95
Christian-based guide for leading groups that includes prayers, definitions of eating disorders, checklists, and spiritual awareness.

Author: Martha Homme, M.A., L.P.
Price: $12.95
Christian-based insight for battling eating disorders with study questions for groups.

Editor: Sandy Stewart Christian, M.S.W.
Price: $29.95
Here are 36 step-by-step instructions for group activities specific to eating issues, body image, size acceptance, and self-care.

Category: Professional Books-Group
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