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Price: $59.95
Co-authored by Kelly Wilson, cofounder of ACT, this is the first professional guide on using this emerging technique for treating eating disorders...

Editors: James E. Mitchell, Carol B. Peterson
Price: $23.00
The latest research and practice guidelines for investigators and clinicians in all areas of eating disorders are included in this comprehensive book.

Editors: James E. Mitchell, Carol B. Peterson   Authors: Michael J Devlin, Martina de Zwann, Scott J Crow
Price: $30.00
This innovative reference and clinical tool is really two books in one. Part I reviews the literature on binge-eating disorder, covering diagnosis and epidemiology...

Authors: Joel Yager, M.D., Pauline S. Powers, M.D.
Price: $54.00
A compilation of writings from the top experts in the field today. Includes the revised APA Practice Guidelines...

Editors: Janet Treasure, Ulrike Schmidt, Pam Macdonald
Price: $42.95
This pioneering new book shows how active collaboration between professional and non-professional carers can maximize the quality of life for both the sufferer and all other family members.

Editor: Christopher G. Fairburn, DM, FRC Psych
Price: $40.00
This book provides the first comprehensive guide to the practice of "enhanced" cognitive behavior therapy (CBT-E), the latest version of the leading empirically supported treatment for eating disorders.

Editors: Helen Malson, Maree Burns
Price: $80.00
Critical Feminist Approaches to Eating Dis/orders explores how eating disorder subjectivities, experiences, and body management practices are theorized and researched within postmodern and post-structuralist feminist frameworks...

Authors: Debra L. Safer, Christy F. Telch, Eunice Y. Chen
Price: $35.00
This groundbreaking book gives clinicians a new set of tools for helping people overcome binge-eating disorder and bulimia. It presents an adaptation of dialetical behavior therapy (DBT) developed expressly for this population

Author: Abigail H. Natenshon
Price: $59.99 $47.99
This book fills the gaps that currently exist in professional education and understanding of what sets eating disorder diagnosis and treatment apart from other disorders.

Authors: Edward J. Cumella, Marian C. Eberly, Wall A. David
Price: $49.95
This book is one of the few comprehensive guides to eating disorders, including proper assessment and intervention, across the bio-psycho-social-spiritual continuum.

Category: Professional Books-Treatment Manuals
You are on page 1 showing results 1 to 10 out of 24 Total Results.
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